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Dan Mirsky

N.Y till I D.I.E.

Dan grew up in a climbing town (New Paltz, NY) with a mom who was a climber; yet he had to move all the way to Colorado to discover climbing. Since then he has been organizing his life around hard rock climbs and keeping life simple. His mantra is simple—try hard, have fun, and create new experiences with friends from El Paso to Sardinia. It's unlikely he's going to "complicate" his life anytime soon!

Do you remember your first pair downturned climbing shoes? For me it was revolutionary. Can you imagine not climbing in downturned shoes now? Thats basically how I feel about Friction Labs. The first time I used it, everything changed. Now I can't imagine climbing without it. Photo: @lukeolson

Dan Mirsky

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Dan Mirsky

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