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Gyms, Schools & More Are Getting Back Safely With A Chalk Shown to Kill Germs

Discover a lab-tested approach to clean hands and confident grip as schools, gyms, locker rooms, and more look for ways to safely get back to business.

Getting Back to a New Normal

All across the nation, Americans are slowly returning to a new normal, thanks to widespread vaccine availability. But with the emergence of variants (Delta…), unapproved vaccination for kids under 12, and rising cases in other countries, many people are evaluating their exposure risk and sanitation practices as they return to school, gyms, and indoor athletic endeavors. And while the future is still uncertain, facilities and retailers are doing their best to get people back safely.

With overworked staff and changing rules and regulations varying across counties and state lines, it can be hard to ensure peace of mind. It’s far from easy for a facility’s staff to keep every surface clean, while dozens or hundreds of members, customers or students come through their doors. Luckily, schools, gyms, and retailers across the country have discovered their secret weapon for getting people back safely, with less mess: Secret Stuff® Hygienic.

“The best for the new normal. Considering the situation that we are currently in having a chalk base that is 80% alcohol is one of the greatest inventions today in climbing.”
Cory Fernandez, Friction Labs user

But what can Secret Stuff Hygienic Really Do For Me?

Kills Germs

  • Secret Stuff Hygienic has been shown to kill germs
  • Give athletes peace of mind while using facilities

Less Mess

  • Low Dust = Less Mess = less staff time dedicated to cleaning
  • It’s being used to keep facilities and equipment cleaner as athletes workout

Ultimate Grip

  • Secret Stuff liquid chalk gives athletes strong, long lasting grip and unrivaled moisture absorption in a single application

Get the good stuff - Shop Secret Stuff Hygienic

"We have been using [Secret Stuff Hygienic] in our Youth Weightlifting gym for the past 3 months. AMAZING Stuff. There is way less chalk mess floating around the gym. And the kids love the magic of watching the moist cream turn into dry chalk on their hands."
Neil Allman, Mighty Movement Academy

Science Time

So how does Secret Stuff Hygienic actually work? Luckily we’ve got some pretty smart people working here at Friction Labs who know A LOT about science (Kevin actually used to be a science teacher - how awesome is that?).

"This chart shows how Friction Labs' liquid chalk, after five minutes of contact time, eliminated the recoverable coronavirus. ‘Coverage Plus’ is a laboratory disinfectant. PBS is the untreated sample."

We engineered this formula specifically with the goal of 1.Providing the ultimate grip and 2.Killing germs so that gyms could reopen safely. Our team took the sanitizing benefits of hand sanitizer and combined it with our pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate chalk and ended up with our 80% ethyl alcohol base for Secret Stuff Hygienic. Not only does it sanitize as well (or better) than hand sanitizer as shown by researchers at a CU Lab, but still delivers our uncompromising, long lasting grip that athletes have come to love and trust.

Secret Stuff Hygienic
Secret Stuff Hygienic

Getting Back To It

Don’t just take it from us - we’ve been hearing from middle schools, high schools, universities, and pro teams on how they are using Secret Stuff Hygienic as part of their PE and sports team equipment and how many gyms have started stocking Secret Stuff Hygienic in place of providing communal chalk buckets as members and students continue to return. Faculty member Sam C. from Mountain Vista High School outside Denver, Colorado shared his experience with us: 

"As I was planning for this school year at Mountain Vista High School, I was trying to figure out ways to sanitize shared gear and it was impossible. So I decided that if the student's hands are clean the gear should be good. As a climber myself I had heard of Friction Labs and knew they were a quality product, and once I saw the CU study that said their Secret Stuff killed the Coronavirus, I knew that was the product for our rock wall and ropes course. I even recommended it to our Strength and Conditioning teacher. Friction Labs has been a joy to work with and it's a fantastic product. As we moved through a pandemic school year Friction Labs Secret Stuff is part of why we were still climbing and successful."

That’s the kind of success story we’re proud to hear! As athletes ourselves, we couldn’t be happier to know that across the country and around the world, our product is enabling more people to get back and enjoy the sports we love.

Do you have a Secret Stuff success story to share? Is it helping your gym, school, or sports team get back to a new normal? If so, we want to hear from you! Just use our contact page or drop us an email at info@frictionlabs.com and we may share your success story in a future post or newsletter!

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