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FrictionLabs Pro Will Anglin back at it in Hueco showing us his Full Monty, V12. Yet another Fred Nicole classic! 

Video: Michael Rosato #chalkmatters #frednicole frictionlabs.com

It's a "Joe's" Weekly MO... What's more impressive than the tufa feature on Worm Turns? Legally blind climber Justin Salas sending it for the first vision impaired ascent! Worm Turns, V11. Joe's Valley, UT. Nice work Justin! 

#chalkmatters #chalkupless #climbmore

appy Birthday to FrictionLabs​ Pro and one of the true "crimp masters" Paul Robinson​! For this week's #weeklymo Paul hooks up a quick ascent the pristine Rule of Thumb, V12/13 in Rocklands, South Africa. PRob's favorite blends? Gorilla Grip, Bam Bam, and Secret Stuff. #chalkmatters 

In the pristine granite talus below Mt. Cook, NZ FrictionLabs Pro Josh Larson tops out the first ascent of Green Monstah, V9. "The beauty of New Zealand's rivers, mountains, and stone is unparraled!" -JL  Video by: Cold House Media

FrictionLabs.com #chalkmatters #frictionlabs #chalkupless #climbmore

It's a Weekly MO "cruiser" edition! FrictionLabs Athlete Sam Sommers catches that last bit of Spring temps with a casual lap up Lost, V11 in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado.

#chalkupless #climbmore

What does it take to climb at your personal limit? FrictionLabs Pro Joe Kinder explores his vision and personal process during the bolting, development, and ascent of Planet Garbage, 5.14d/9a in Rifle, CO!

Ooooh man! We sent Nathaniel Davison down to Flagstaff, AZ to document "a day in the life" of FrictionLabs Pro Matt Gentile. What he came back with was unreal! Our tips were sweaty just watching the footage so... we chalked up! Ha! Full vid coming soon. Stay tuned! #chalkmatters #frictionlabs #climbyourimpossible

FrictionLabs Pro Carlo Traversi styling out the Joe's Valley compression / crimp classic Lonesome Animals, V11/12. 

#weeklymo #chalkmatters

FrictionLabs Pro Paul Robinson floats on through the Dave Graham, Lincoln Lake CO, airy, mega-classic To Your Scattered Bodies Go, V14. 

#weeklymo#chalkupless #climbmore 


FrictionLabs Pro Alex Puccio making Scream, V11 (middle start) look easy in Hueco Tanks State Park, TX.

FrictionLabs Athlete Jeremy Fullerton cranks on through Daniel Woods' power/tension block Death Trout, V13 in Lincoln Lake, CO aka Wolvo.

Jeremy's favorite blend? Secret Stuff (liquid chalk) + Bam Bam (Super Chunky)

#weeklymotivation #chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs

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